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Founded September 2002, The Bard's Corner Writers' Group is a free and open forum that serves writers of all genres and levels. The Bard's Corner Writers' Group currently meets virtually every first and third Thursday of the month via Google Meet. Meetings begin at 6 p.m. and conclude about 8 p.m.


Writers who wish to read their original material during meetings have an opportunity to arrange to fill one of the available two reading slots in advance or take a chance an opening will be available when they arrive. Meetings are also opportunities to discuss writing-related topics, exchange ideas and share markets. The meetings are informal, and attendance does not require notice.


The Bard's Corner Writers' Group is not a class or lecture and is not led by an instructor or teacher. Rather it is a facilitator-led opportunity for writers of all ages, genres and skill levels to receive and offer feedback, information and support.


Robert Villanueva, Founder/Facilitator

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